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still need clarification

Hello Sir, please i need clarifiction on this
1.) must every file sent by user go to send-anywhere server before users can download it or can we replicate the files on the fly to our own server so that users can also download from our own server.
2.) do we have to allow users to download files from our app as well or we just create a room for them to only send files to via the venerable API



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    Hi again,
    1) I think it's impossible to replicate the files to your own server.
    Because the file being sent is not stored in our server. We only find the optimal transferring path, and the files are being sent directly from the sending device to the receiving device.
    2) You don't have to make both send - receive features in your app. Users can use Send Anywhere website or app to send to your app / or receive from your app.

    Thank you!

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Of course you can integrate both send and receive in your app. Then you can transfer file like below 3 cases.

    Sending device - Receiving device
    1) Your app(SA integrated) - SA app
    2) SA app - Your app
    3) Your app - Your app

    For example,
    If your app is a video player app,
    User can transfer video files from PC to your app using SA app on the computer(sending), your app on the mobile(receiving).


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