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I need Clarification(Urgent)

Hello Sir, please I need Clarifications on this point one by one

1.)Lets assume I am the Admin of Company A and am sending Files with 6-digit codes from my computer to our customers that uses Iphone, android,Window Desktop.

How can those my customer recieve the file. Will they go to sendanywhere website and enter the 6-digit code to download the files. Or is there anyway I can send the files directly to their mobile devices so that they can make downloads from their phones without having to visit the sendanywere website.

2.) Is there anyway we can attach text messages to the file being sent or we should come up with this on our own

3.) The uploaded files expires every 24 hours while the 6-digit codes for the download keys expires in just 10 minutes. Is not a coincident. why dont you balance the time interval eg 10-10 or 24-24. How can the user still download the file after 10 minutes of 6-digit code expiration. or do the user or company still have to send the files again and again

4.) Since the Files gets deleted after 24 hours. what happen if the customer was unable to get those files within the coverage hour. Can I make the app to also save or replicates the uploaded files to the Company Server so that User can download from companies server? what is you Guys opinion on this,

5.)I believe this application is made for companies, Will company A be able to see files sent by company their customers or do we have to implement a caging process.

6.) Assuming am on Chicago and am sending a file to a customer on California that uses Android. how is that possible without a tracking property of the Recipent of the device


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    1) Yes, your customers can use the Send Anywhere app on Andrid, iOS available in each app stores, or download and install PC versions via our website for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
    2) Sending a push alert to the receiving device with text comments incldded is available when you use Send Anywhere apps when Sending files. However, our API does not support the push alert features at this moment.

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    3) With 24hrs uploaded files, the code is alphanumeric and it expires after 24hrs. It does not expire until the expiration time, can be downloaded multiple times within 24 hrs.
    With a 6-digit code, file is not saved on the server. Once the key entered, the file transfers from the sending device to the receiving device. So he key is only for one time use, expires once it has been confirmed. It's not suitable for multiple receivers.

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    4) 5) We're considering to support those features in the future. Extended period of server storage, and on-premise service that can be applied to the internal servers of customer company.
    6) The 6-digit code is the only thing that needs for the device pairing for the instant transfer.


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    Hi again,
    You have to inform her (email or SMs or any other way) that you're trying to send files using Send Anywhere, with a valid key.

    Once the transfer has completed, the device information will be shown in the recent device list. Ou can send a push alert when you send files again, to the same receipiant. (It's available when the sending device is using Send Anywhere. If the sending device is using a program that has integrated our API, this is not yet supported. But you can implement the same way on your own.)
    Thank you!

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