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Confused regarding 6 digit key

Hi guys,

I was going through send-anywhere FAQs ( https://send-anywhere.com/web/page/faq ) and one of FAQ was & I quote:

" What are the benefits of logging-in?
By logging-in you can skip the hassle of inputting the 6-digit key whenever you want to receive files between your devices "

Does this mean that I actually don't need a key if I want to send & recieve b/w my phone & my tablet?
I want to understand the meaning of that FAQ under the context of this hackathon

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  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Hi Sharan,
    Yes. Between logged in devices, user can send files remotely - without key input or confirmation on the receiving device. You can think of this concept like "trusted device". However, this only works in Send Anywhere apps. Our current API do not have this function yet.
    Thank you!


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